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Didn't end up getting the JTHM comic today. :( Decided to let layton spend it on food. Dorkus. He bought 2 chicken sammach thingies after I told him I wouldn't eat it. Over and over. I'm not gonna eat it, don't buy one for me, I hate chicken. Blah blah blah. And then he snapped at me how he was just inquiring so I shut up. Next thing I know he's handing me something that looked like it was sopping in blood. He never listens to me... I hate chicken and he just automatically assumed, just because I ate a couple pieces last week that I would be ok with it. Didn't ask just assUme(d). I thought I was gonna barf just looking at the thing. I'm sorry layton but I'm sensitive towards chicken. Seeing them torn up on your lawn isn't exactly the nicest thing in the world, and that's what the sandwiches reminded me of, dead chickens. Anyway, if anyone remembers County from school, apparently he's in a band now. They're called sonata and he was joking about how the website was sonta band, like so not a band. I never knew him personally, just by face. I guess he knew layton though. Anyway, him and his band were at the fair in downtown kent. Good stuff. I bought the cd that was being sold, or rather, I had layton buy it with the promise that I would pay him back within the week. Yup.