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Some guys are seriously sick in the head

Ehm, so I belong to a bunch of femme-dom groups. Don't ask why I don't know myself. They're just there and I was invited to them, that's all I know. Anyway, I belong to a bunch of groups and on a few I have moderator status. Don't know how I got those either... It's funny in a creepy way. Most of the people that apply for one of the groups I mod for are DUDES! How fucked up is that? I get stuff like, bondage lover and believer in Female Domination, i'd love to be taught obedience, and I would like to serve women. It's rather creepy really. I sometimes wonder why and how groups like those survive and then I go look at the pending lists and, oh, that's how. Guys with no real spine. Ugh. It's horrible I tell you. *cries*
Nightmare Before Christmas!

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