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That codeine made me throw up. Well, not so much the codeine as my brothers stupid pizza things. I was feeling nauseous already from the stuff roz gave me earlier and finley's food just set me off. He cooked them and then left them in the microwave and the smell of them started wafting around the house. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore so I walked in the kitchen so I could throw them in the garbage or something and as soon as I got in there my stomach started to have at it. I'm glad my mom's bucket for the dishwater was next to me on the table because if it hadn't been everything would have been everywhere. Very liquidy. Finley then decided he was gonna walk in right at that moment. I started screaming at him and so he started to back out the door he came in. I told him to get his stupid pizza shit out of here so he grabbed them and ran. I heard him tell mom I was vomiting in the kitchen when he got back outside. It felt really good to puke. I've been wanting to for days now. Didn't hurt or anything but then there wasn't really anything solid in my stomach either. Yeah. And stuff. If layton doesn't get on in the next 15 min or so I'm gonna go to bed. I'm fucking exhausted and still sick feeling. I hope he remembers the whole comic thing tomorrow.