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Damn liz for getting sick

I had the weirdest fucking nightmare last nite. I was out with my church group and pregnant again. It was fucking me over and I was so scared. I was getting frustrated with everyone around me because I was trying to find layton and no one was being very helpful. Eventually I ended up screaming it out, "because I'm pregnant!" Everyone started staring at me and I just burst out crying and ran into the nearby public restroom to lock myself in one of the stalls. I just kept on thinking I really don't want to have to do this to him and how horribly everything was sucking. Yeah. And stuff. Photo bucket isn't working for me right now. I wanted to upload some pictures on it but that's not gonna happen. Oh and my sister is also sick while visiting melissa on base so I'm gonna be avoiding her like she was the plauge. She probably is too. I really don't need to get sick right now. Not before friday. I wanna get drunk. Totally fucking inebriated. Layton's supposed to be getting some stuff from this jim dude. Roz and tess are supposed to be coming with. I swear to god, if I get sick someone is going to be in severe pain along with me. Bitch whine moan and complain. On and on. SHUT UP CARRIE!