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The Psychology of Persuasion

So I'm sitting here listening to SOAD because I haven't listened to that cd in a while thinking. About what you ask? What indeed... I'm thinking it's about time to go about brainwashing myself again. Sound bad? It's not, really. Everyone goes through brainwashing. Every time you turn on the TV or radio you're being brainwashed. When you're driving down the street. Religion does it, the military, school, work, play, media, art. Everything. No one can form solid opinions for themselves anymore without help. Even when and if they think they are, they're not. They've just been brainwashed into thinking they can and are. Every good salesman knows this. That's what makes them so good. It mostly has to do with asking questions while pushing your charm (if you have any). It's a rather scary thought when you get down to it. Everyone is being brainwashed by everyone else. Look, I'm working on you right now without even really thinking about it. Man by the media, media by the military, military by government, government by church, church by god, god by science, science by man. On and on. It's and endless vicious circle. Just look at the amish man. They've perfected it. It's nuts. I think music is the most effective way of doing it. I mean, everyone listens to music. Even if you've never picked up a book or turned on the TV you've heard music. You can get anything and everything by through it. Anyway, yeah. The fact that I'm starting to form solid positive opinions about things I've always hated with a passion and that I'm beginning to become too serious again is my mind effectively telling me that I'm in need of a good brainwashing by myself. Not someone else, although as much as I hate it I know they're gonna help. They always help. *growl*


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Jun. 29th, 2004 08:16 am (UTC)
When I watch TV, I seriously try to not watch the commercials. I'm convinced that commercials are bad for me. I only say commercials though, because it's highly unlikely that actors, writers, directors are making films and television shows to brainwash the public. They're seriously in buisiness to entertain. Commericals on the other hand are what brainwashing is all about. Buy my product, buy my product, you cannot live without it, there's something wrong with you if you do not own it, buy buy buy. Advertising is sick.
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