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Bad day, very bad day.  Upsetting.  Started out alright, with the rat and everything, but after that everything just went down hill.  Once 4:30 hit I just couldn't take it anymore and I ended up spending the next 2 hours crying till I fell asleep.  Missed sylvan but I don't care about that.  First I found out that the digital camera "software" I use doesn't work with xp, then when I tried to use MY computer upstairs I found out that wouldn't start up.  Couldn't even get into windows.  It just sat there doing god knows what.  Mouse is "broken," keyboard too. Printer doesn't print without looking funny because the ink stuff isn't aligned properly.  I suck at just about every game I try my hand at and then get yelled at when I do something slightly better than someone else who is doing 10 times better than I.  Blah, blah, blah.  On and on.  Anyway, things kept on getting worse and worse and everything came to a head when mom decided she wasn't gonna get out of the bunkhouse so I could use the tv when I asked, which was about 4:30.  Said she would but it didn't happen.  I think the biggest thing was the thing with the tv.  There are a select few programs I have ever tried to make an effort to watch on a semi-regular basis, I can probably count them all on one hand, and something typically always happens that pretty much prevents me from doing so.  Headbangers ball for example, can't watch that because mom took MTV 2 off the dish.  So yeah, today sucked.  It was a bunch of little things that turned into one big thing which eventually exploded in my face.  God my life is sucking right now and I have a feeling tomorrow will be no better.  And man, even though it's all said and done, I still want to cry. 

That's cryshade with a rat we found in the bird feeder.  Mom was flipping out and screaming.  It was pretty funny sounding.  I thought I got more pictures of it but apparently those are the only 2.