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Fucking idiot(s)

Layton got dropped from his welding class due to some idiot who can't file paperwork or something. That was kinda upsetting. He needs that fucking class and I hate to know what his mom is gonna say when she finds out. That could just turn out badly. :\ Anyway, other than that my grandma kuder came to visit today. It was weird to say the least and downright horrific to say the most. The horror was because of the dog. He tore up my fucking hands while I was trying to get him into the garage. The beast wouldn't stay in the fucking garage. He's a fucking bull, not a dog, I swear. You can beat him shitless and he won't notice, not if he wants something badly enough. He chewed through his fucking leash. I would sometimes really like nothing more than to say hell with it and let the pound have at him. He really is more work than he's worth, don't know why he's kept around. Killed enough of our pets that he should be put down himself. *deep breath* Ok, I'm done with that now. New topic. Someone was talking about making homemade dolls and I got to thinking, that would be a pretty cool idea. I'd like to make a doll. Need pillow stuffing though and we don't have any so that would mean I'd be tearing into a pillow here or asking mom to buy some. I'm all for the pillow tearing thing. Ooo, or I could kill one of my stuffed things. Don't know if I want to do that though. Yeah, I think I'm gonna kill a pillow. There should be one on the porch that is virtually dead. It's not one anyone would miss anyway. I suppose I should see if I can find a simple doll pattern now. Oh, and Strindberg and helium</font> Go visit. Very funny in a very weird way. I love helium. He's so cute.