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Right now I'm kinda watching a perfect storm. Depressing movie I've always thought and I wouldn't be watching it now except for the fact that it's on the tv and elizabeth and her sig are watching it. I've never understood why the captain has to go down with the boat. Stupid fisherman's code. It's just dumb. Anyway, the movie is almost over now. Good movie, don't get me wrong, it's just really depressing. The fact that in the end all these dudes know that they're gonna die for making one stupid mistake. Must really suck. A total bummer. :( Anyway, cryshade caught a rat yesterday, or at least that's when we found it. Maybe he caught it the day before. Dunno. Big fucking thing, but then rat's aren't mice. Mom was calling it a mouse. She was discribing it to me as I sat and blankly played solitare. I told her it probably wasn't a mouse at all but a rat, and I was right. Today he caught a mouse. Oh oh, big wave part. Killer. Must watch end of depressing movie. And there it comes down. Ouch. Poor guys.