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Yup, and stuff

Written by - Kurt Cobain, and it's so true too

Finally go the game I ordered. Well, actually it came in on either friday or saturday, don't remember which, but I got the money for it today so I was able to pay mom and get it from her. It's good, I'm enjoying it so far. Layton was talking about coming over tomorrow since he doesn't have any schooling he has to do. I sugguested making lunch and having a picnic in my yard, he said that was cool. Then he said something about it raining more tomorrow, like it has been tonight. Now I'm just sitting here thinking about how badly that's gonna suck if it does. :( Oh well, whatever. Yeah, other than that I wish these people would give the reagan thing a rest. He's dead. Tearing someone elses face of the 10 and putting his on isn't gonna bring him back to life. Neither is putting him on mt. rushmore. Fuck man. He might have been a good guy, I'll give you that even though I know virtually nothing about him, but if you're gonna do something in memory, make sure you're not destroying something else for fucks sake. I dunno, I was just reading an aol article about it and stuff.