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Man, I really wish I had never taken my mom to see jane with me. Now she's getting all cozy with her and things are gonna come out that should stay in the dark and moist closet forever and ever, never to see the light of day until I pull them out. Not someone else. That's what happened today. Mom e-mailed jane one of my journal entries. One of the ones from when I was feeling mopey and stuff. I don't recall ever mentioning suicide in the one, just how it would be nice to sleep forever and how death couldn't be much different from how I was feeling then. Anyway, jane freaked and started talking about institutions. Made a fucking mole hill into a mountain. So yeah, basically at counseling today I got to have a big deep talk about if I'm feeling depressed, if I'm cutting, do I want to kill myself... on and on. Nothing that really mattered. Or not to me anyway. And I know that this stuff would matter if I wanted to kill myself, but right now I don't. Anyway, yeah, I just feel like I can't speak my mind because the "thought police" would end up freaking out and shoving me in a prison like place with all the loonies. Hmmm... that might not be such a bad idea right now. Just so long as I get to keep my gameboy with me. Oh yeah, and mom got a 'time-scout monitor' for the computer. Fucking bullshit, THANKS FISHY. I swear to god I'm gonna break the thing. I think the best part of my day was the new icon I acquired. That was pretty spiffing.