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uh, stuff

Well, I've finally go one problem off my back. The one with the stolen poem. I know it's not gonna help me any but I sure hope if helps the person(s) involved. Had to create a whole 'nother yahoo address for it but whatever. I just don't want to stick my hands any further into it than I have to. Can't turn a blind eye anyway. I would hope that if my works were stolen that someone would inform me of the fact so I could take care of it. And yeah, stuff. Got my b-axe necklace back from james today. The one that I left there last time. It's nice. I felt kinda lost without it. 5 min warning... I've got a bruse on my face. Layton got super pissed and jealous when he saw that. I don't like bruses on my face. No, none are from abuse... just stuff.