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Well, it seems I'm back to being forced to have a limit on my online time again. Fuck you edna. Eh, whatever. I guess I'll just end up going back to being so bored and depressed that I start slicing at myself with plastic utensils, and maybe some not so plastic ones. Whatever. It's not like anyone really cared in the first place. In other news I got one of the salads from mcdonald's today. The fiesta one. It was pretty good except for the part with the little chip things. That kinda bugged me. Red white and blue chips... who came up with that one? I don't want my food to be patriotic god damn it. It's food for christs sake. I shouldn't complain though. My complaints usually make me look stupid, ignorant and sometimes even spoiled. *sigh* And now it's time for me to wrap this up so I can actually submit it before my cut off time of midnight.