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Granville... or perhaps not...

I got a new porcelain doll yesterday from the good will.  For me to carry around sometimes in place of rose.  That was pretty cool.  There were a couple there but I could only get one so I, or layton should I say, chose the one in brown.  I am so horrible at making decisions on my own.  It's damn near impossible for me to do.  I can stand there for hours debating with myself and I'll get nowhere.  Anyway, this doll, I thought when I got it, she was like rose.  A granville.  When I was able to get them together though I kinda noticed a couple things that point to her not being one.  The new one is too short for one, and I think that all granvilles come with a hat and bag.  It kinda bothers me that there is no way I can identify my latest toy and find out her name.  Guess that means I'm doing it on my own.  Don't know if she looks more russian/ukraine or swedish.  It's kinda funny, she's got this look, huge blue eyes and a sort of pout, that makes her look like she could burst out crying at any moment.  Yeah, I'm overly analytical.  So sue me.  :P

Rose on the left, nameless for now on the right.  A horrible picture, I know but I guess it's just because photo bucket can suck that bad.