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I can't self-pierce

It pierced. It pierced well. So well that when I pulled out the needle I couldn't get the safety pin in but I wasn't gonna force it either. Now I'm gonna let it heal over because I think I fucked up in numerous little ways. That's why the pin thing wouldn't go in. Heh, I'm probably gonna have a little dot above my eyebrow for the rest of my life. I'm making sure that it won't get infected, cleaned it before and after. I'm gonna do so again in a little while. I want to take no risks. Next time I try it I'm gonna get a bigger needle too. Anyway, layton doesn't want me to get my tattoo done at kent dermagraphics because he doesn't trust them thanks to some people he talked to. He's making me go to A Mark of the Vampire instead. It's just down the street. Told him that if I was then he was paying the extra. It would probably just be around 40 or so if I went to kent derm. but it'll be about 80 or more at vampire. That makes it 40+ that layton is paying. I was hoping to get it done pretty near after I turn 19 but thanks to this new development it's not gonna happen. More like around when I'm 20. I dunno, I've seen kent dermagraphics work from my sister and brother-in-law, they got all their tattoos done there with no problems, so I know that they do a good job and I'd rather get it done there but layton just wants me to be safe. If it's at all possible I'm gonna see what the tattoo parlor in the super mall would cost. Maybe it would be cheaper. Ah, and in other news my replacement cd came in. Yay. The case was in really shitty condition but that I don't care about. It's not like I didn't already have one. The person also had a really funny way of opening it. They would leave the plastic tape on at the top and just pop it open by the bottom. It kinda was weirding me out at first but when the cover almost fell off I figured it out. I feel so smart.