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Layton got me some lubriderm today. I lost the tiny bottle of the stuff I was using before. That sucked. I really liked the bottle. I could stick it in my pocket and have no problems with it. That stupid guy who was trying to sit there and preach to roz, layton and mostly me because I wanted to argue it, probably had something to do with it. Yeah, just wishful thinking on my part. I really wanted to beat the crap out of someone after that dude came along. I'm not gonna be converted to a total jesus freak, now back the FUCK off. It all started with him commenting on what we were wearing, doom and gloom or something. He asked if I was happy. Kinda figured the whole god thing was gonna start after that so I told him, "define happy for me and I'll tell you if I am or not." I don't think he ever really did. Just went into the whole jesus thing despite the fact that I told him I was pagan and want nothing to do with his god. He then started going on about how I may not beLIEve in him but he beLIEves in me. Roz and I were making stupid and sarcastic things throughout his entire wannabe preaching speech. I also commented on how I was raised mormon. He then decided to insult them. Was saying how that religion is sooo false. That really fucking pissed me off. I don't care what the fuck you say about me, but if you insult the type of people I was raised with and I don't know you, well I'll beat your fucking ass for that. The way I see it, unless you've lived it (and this goes for everything) you can't say jack shit. Toward the end of his thing he said he was gonna pray for me and I declined to have him do so. He can go pray for some other "poor misfortunate soul." When he was leaving I made a comment about how yes, jesus was a really nice guy. I got to sleep with him today and he doesn't seem to beLIEve in himself so why should I? Roz started laughing pretty hard about that one. Yes james, I was referring to you when I made that statement. Hope you don't mind horribly. Christians don't really seem to accept my type anyway. Used to burn them at the stake. Anyway, next time someone walks up to me and says something involving asking if or telling me I need to be saved I'm just gonna start on about yes, I need to be saved. I need to be saved from the evil blood sucking bunnies and how they're trying to get me with their fluffy lock-picking tails. Won't stop either. I'll keep on insisting on it until they leave me alone.

The only good god is a dead god.
The only god good for me.
The only good god is a dead god, baby.
The only damn god I need.

Don't draw your own conclusion.
Submit to the grand illusion.
Get on your knees.

There will be no absolution.
No final step of evolution.
The end is near.