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Ugh.  I have got no drive to write anything at this moment.  I don't know why I'm forcing myself to because when I've got no drive I sound stupid.  Well, ok, there was this one thing where I kinda actually did earlier but that want is gone now.  I'm just dead at this point.  Anyway, I've got a nice buisness card now from mark of the vampire.  I'm probably gonna put it up on the board roz made me.  Just have to find some pins.  Keith, the guy who did it, said I was the most difficult tattoo he's done yet and he would love to have seen kent dermagraphics try.  I think it was due to the fact that it's pretty much a "black and white" thing with no real room for mistakes.  If he'd fucked up I would have been screwed over.  The getting it done wasn't really all that painful.  Keith was saying how he wasn't gonna lie to me, it was gonna hurt like a bitch.  He was right.  It hurt so bad a few times I forgot he was even doing it.  :)  I will admit afterwords I felt it though.  God, for a while yesterday it felt like I had slit my wrist or something it was so sore.  Doing better now.  Layton was all green with envy after I got it done.  Now he's got a job around our house mowing the lawn for 5 bucks and he's putting that money away for his own tat.  He's gone to the point where he doesn't know what he wants anymore.  I'm guessing that's because of his envy thing.

The picture layton took is so much better than I probably would have done.

There was also this thing on a message board today.  "Write down three items within view of you at this moment that show some random bit of who you are that we may not know. Don't explain!!!! Just let us infer from the items something more about your personality."  I'd need like 5 or 6. Anyway, here are mine, with a few extra.

~ a clear plastic heart I got from my brother's wedding, the inside on one half I painted black
~ my case of extremely assorted cd's
~ a map of the runescape wilderness, one cheesy and yet semi cool online rpg game I can no longer play
~ a digital camera
~ the card for a tattoo parlour
~ a small pack of tissues