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Yeah, not happy. Last week was a very stressful week. Montel was gone for half the week, dad left wednesday for Australia, and I had to go take Leon into the vet for a spot in his fur he had licked off on one of his back legs. The vet said that it looked like it was a scratch, or something else like that, he licked a little too much because it itches, that had become a little infected and was trying to heal but couldn't so it was just getting worse. Now he's getting to take medication for the next few weeks.

And unfortunately this week isn't been doing much better. Let's preface this portion with saying, Izzie is supposed to be staying with us for the next 3 months.

On Sunday night my sister, Elizabeth, her stupid boyfriend, Jon, and her dog, Izzy, came over. And her fucking mutt (who isn't really a mutt at all), isn't fixed, is in heat, and HATES Leon. She is the biggest bully and Leon (despite his moments which would indicate otherwise) is really just a gigantic weenie and a total lover. Her boyfriend, who as I mentioned before is a moron, was talking with Melissa with Katie in the kitchen on Monday and called Leon an alpha-type dog which just about made my head explode due to an event that I, and a handful of construction workers got to witness.

Earlier in the day I had taken both Izzy and Leon out for a walk. Leon didn't want to go and when he doesn't want to do something he'll get really cute and will bump the back of my legs with his head and jump me in a way to beg to be picked up and carried. And Izzy is a monopolizer of all attention at all times. So he was doing this on our walk, and I picked him up and carried him twice. Izzy hated this and got really pissy and started jumping up and trying to attack him while I would bounce her back off with my knees and tell her no and down. After a couple of nips she would eventually calm down and start walking again. So everything was mostly alright until the end of the walk where we sat down in the middle of a half-built housing development. Leon came up to sit down next to me and Izzy decided to take that opportunity to flip out royally and jump on top of him. It was incredibly difficult to get her off him and I ended up getting bitten through my hoodie by someone, I assume her, and then inadvertently rolled her and kept her on her back until she calmed down. Then I was able to get Leon next to me where she wouldn't dare touch him while she sat off and sulked. I also took a look at my arm which pissed me off more. The bite broke through the skin and if it weren't for my sleeve I would have most decidedly needed stitches. So I made the decision that Leon is just going to stay down there at James' full time during the week while Izzy is staying with us because I don't want him to get hurt or killed by that bitch.

So he called Leon an alpha-type and it upset me incredibly because he doesn't know Leon in the slightest, and I marched in there and announced very loudly that "No, Leon is not," and "He would get along just fine with Izzy if she would just stop attacking him." It also made me very mad when they would say, "I've never seen Izzy get like this, it's so weird."


This is the exact same situation that I had to deal with 2 years ago when we came back from Utah. Izzy hated and was constantly trying to eat his face then, so we ended up living down at James' for two weeks then, but no one remembers that but me. And I'm trying really hard not to get really upset about it because my mom really wants to be able to do something for my sister, and this is about all she can do.</lj-text>

This weekend is going to end up being a horrible experiment and I don't know how well I'll be able to handle it. I'll have Leon back to see how it will work keeping him and Izzy apart and Melissa will be hosting Katie's birthday party, a sleep-over involving more than a dozen kids, in our back yard.


I'm trying to convince James that he should come up and spend the night with me Friday. He can help with Leon and keep me from going insane and killing everyone.