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Well I suppose the weekend was nice. I made a chicken and went down to Layton's house Saturday night while he and Chetty were out at the Mercury so I could spend time with James. It was a welcome respite because you can only spend so much time interacting with children before your brain starts burning out on all the cartoons they insist on watching in the morning. (What time is it? It's time for lunch!) It's only after Montel is gone for the morning that I feel comfortable turning it off. kWe went for a walk down to 7-11 in the rain where I got a coffee and an fixation on a shiny windmill that was just laying next to the side of the road. I took it home, played with it tons, and then gave it to my mom since she wanted to replace her cheap plastic windmill that was beyond broken. So I got a little bit of an intellectual stimulation, to watch some normal tv and have normal conversations. Actually, I don't think we conversed much, I mostly just blanked out and enjoyed his company. Oh and I got to have a drink, and not drunk. I would liked to have gone out and had a smoke too, but I had a god-awful sore throat that had been going on since Friday at lunch. For the most part, it's gone away now, but I still seem to have some crappy itchy traces going on.

Yesterday Layton had me over for his birthday. I am on speaking terms with him again, but since that day it's been a lot more fragile and I did tell him that if I ever heard of him talking about me that way again, I would castrate him. But that is neither here nor there. It's been a sort of joke for a few years now that one of these birthdays I'm going to end up getting him a giant pillow dog bed. He really wants one because they do tend to be really soft and comfortable. I wanted to get him one this year, but unfortunately I can't find one. Why is it when you're actually looking for something they all have to disapper? Down at Layton's, everything was fine until Josh came over. Layton understands I don't like him, though it upsets him and I end up having to explain why every single time. That he's a shit-talker, doesn't have two brain-cells to rub together, gave me that giant anxiety attack and little tiny ones every time since, I don't like his terrible influences, and frankly, I just think Layton is too good and smart to be around a prick like that. Josh is the sort of person who has a very dominate personality and no one will call him out on it. Can't believe half the shit that comes out of his mouth. So I just want to avoid his ass altogether. And yesterday night I was only able to do that until about the last 30 or so minutes where it became unavoidable. I know Layton did what little he could do with the obtuse moron before he came over though, and I do appreciate that.

Right now Macy and Callie are playing outside since it's sunny and, to an extent, warm out. Callie has actually been more of a troublemaker than Macy has been and I've been noticing that when Macy gets in trouble for doing something dumb, it's because Callie started, or goaded in her into it. So Macy will be the one in trouble while Callie gets to skirt away with her angel face on. And it makes it just a little frustrating because she's also the one who ends up being the most helpful.


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May. 17th, 2011 11:50 pm (UTC)
I had that sore throat thing yesterday, but it's mostly gone now. No idea why or how, and I don't care.

And time seeming weird... This morning, I was terrified that I'd missed the appointment for my potential housing, which is silly, since even if it had been Wednesday, it was only around 9:00 in the morning and my appointment isn't until 12 noon tomorrow!

Hope you feel better soon.
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