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Wednesday already?

Wednesday, 2:00p - or 1400 hours if one prefers military time.

I need to start my math already. Asked my mom to make an appointment to get me a few more anti-anxiety medications, but as of this point it hasn't happened. I want to just do the damn math test and get it over with, but I don't think I would be able to do it unmedicated since just working on math here alone for a half hour is enough to put me into a fairly freaked out mood. Unfortunately on the flip side, it would also cause me to zone out and slow down even more which is a total boo.

I've been incredibly exhausted this week. My sleep has been complete and utter crap and I'm out of melatonin. I've also been slightly irritable at James due to his unrelenting fear of life and being stuck. Actually, it would be more fair to say I'm upset at his dad for screwing him up so bad. I just can't get mad at his dad, so I end up getting mad at him instead for letting [his dad] continue to have control and not letting me help him get out and move on. Then he ends up being unhappy and upset with me. I can't blame him though. I have zero tact and am incredibly callous when it comes to sensitive issues. But god damn it, I want him to get better and be able to do the things he wants to do. In our last conversation I told him that if I thought it would be beneficial in helping him move forward in life in any way, I would leave him. However I know that if it would do anything it would just make the problems worse and we'd both be completely miserable. So I keep proposing different ideas to him about things I could help him do, but to no avail. Just makes him angry or unhappy. It's made me think that I want to just get him into therapy or counseling as a start to get him over whatever crap is holding him back. (Like me, haha.)