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5 minutes between screams

Hi! I am taking out 5 minutes between what I swear are screams and my irritated comments of "I'm not going to ask you to clean up your toys again." Funny thing about it is, I usually do end up asking again. Ha ha. :| The reason I have to ask repeatedly tends to be because in cleaning they somehow manage to make the mess 100x bigger, and in Macy's case is because she has a very, uh, abstract way of cleaning and tends to forget halfway through what she was doing. They're both funny kids, and I love them to death, but jesus are they loud. Even when I was working at the daycare I never had to deal with the noise levels they put out.

I'm tired today. Stayed up too late with my kindle. Was contemplating bringing another coffee to work with me, but I decided against it in favor of the zip fizz I normally drink. I don't want to feel like I'm dependent on it to wake up. I don't like the idea of having addictions to anything. Nothing unreasonable anyway. :) I don't think books are too terribly unreasonable?

My problem is that when I get into something, I tend to just toss myself into it fully with no regards to anything else, and when I'm not doing it, or I get myself into something else, I won't know how to properly split my time so it won't feel like I'm wasting money.
In regards to the things I currently have it works so -
With netflix when I'm not watching it, it feels like the money is being wasted so I want to cancel it, or at least go on 'vacation' for the time being. My mom is using it though for the dvd's and occasional instant so I won't and don't feel quite as bad as I would otherwise.
Video games, My xbox is collecting dust, the Wii is only used for movies, and my 3ds (yay?) is also not in use. I blame that on the fact that there won't be any worthwhile games in my mind until june. I'm also not keeping up though, so if anything does come out I won't know about it. So it's feeling like money wasted.
Zune has just become a basic music storage device with leon and I no longer going on walks alone. And when we do, I forget about it.
The kindle is my latest fixation since it's re-kindled (no pun intended) my obsessive reading habits.
My computer is the only thing that gets used on a regular basis, and that's only due to the internet. Nothing will ever be able to cure THAT addiction, though I do still try to keep it under a reasonable amount of control.

Still seems to eat up a major portion of my days though...

I dunno. Whatever. I wish I could read faster. I read books like a fat man eats. With much denial over how much I'm actually doing, zeal and the secret guilt of knowing it's going to kill me if I keep it up. :d

Suppose I should probably stop now and go work on my math. *sigh* I fucking hate math and the day is just getting closer and closer to being done.