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May the 4th be with you

You Are Content

You seek balance in your life. Extremes make you uncomfortable.

You are sensitive to criticism and discord. You think people should check their egos and try to get along.

You are positive, optimistic, and downright sanguine. You see the world through rose colored glasses.

There's something special about the way you move. You have a natural grace that others immediately notice.

And on the subject of rose colored glasses... I've actually been wanting to get some glasses with colored lenses, probably blue, for awhile now. Half because I think having blue glasses would be neat, and half because I'd like to see if it can help with my headaches any. Never did get around to getting any though because the company I wanted to get them from, I forgot the name, seems to have stopped carrying them. And that suuuuuucks.

I did get myself a kindle yesterday. Found out that I have a lot more money than I thought so I didn't have to wait until the end of the week. Wanted to get it after lunch from Target, but when I went I was told that they only have the 'with offers' version in stock and he suggested I try Fred Meyer instead. So after making a call to them it end up being picked up from Fred Meyer later at night and then subsequently caused me to stay up until past midnight restarting the reading of American Gods. I'm very tired today. T.T Would have gotten it from Target after lunch, but when I went I found out that they were out of everything except for the "with offers" one, which I kinda don't want since the static pages are ads and you wouldn't ever, to my knowledge, be able to change that. James has my paperback copy of the book because for the longest time I was trying to convince him to read it. I think he's lost it in his closet now though because every time I've brought it up he can't even remember my having given it to him. I'd really like him to read it, and Coraline which I also gave him and is probably also lost in his closet, because I think he would probably enjoy it. Coraline for sure. American Gods tends to be more hit or miss with people. Either you love it or you hate it. But he has been reading the other books I've been letting him borrow, so maybe if I can remember to dig it out of his closet next time I'm down there...

At the moment, Macy and Callie are watching My Neighbor Totoro. Montel is too because he seems to be spending most of the day home. I got it for them when I went to Sakura Con, instead of Ponyo which they have seen a million and a half times, and they seem to like it quite a bit. I was sort of using the excuse that I hadn't seen it as my reasoning. Now I can say I have though, and while I do enjoy it quite a bit, I don't think it's one I feel a pressing need to buy for myself in the near future like I used to.

James is also supposed to be up today so I get to see him after I get off and done with the math tutoring. We'll go for a walk with Leon and then I'll probably end up just eating and going to bed since it will be way late. :( He's been wanting to exercise more, says he's tired of being fat (which makes me feel bad for every time I've commented on his weight) and I've been thinking it might be good to teach him how to ride a bike. It's better motivation to get out than walking alone is (I think) and he has plenty of places around there where he could find and explore easier if he was on one. That's just my thoughts though, I don't know if he would feel the same way.

AAAAND, I think that's about it for today. :d Macy and Callie are being royal pains in my rear with their dad being home. He keeps saying he has a meeting to go to, but it's 2:30 now, and he doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. AUGH!