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You know, I just don't give a fuck today. Probably not a good mood for me to be working with, but I've had a lot on my mind. I think I stopped caring after Callie came in and started screaming while I was trying to leave a message for Orion. Have to do a survey or some shit. I had told them I had to make an important phone call and they needed to be quiet. And of course, they weren't. The second time I had to tell them to quiet down I told them they needed to go in the other room until I was done. And then Callie, the (normally) well behaved one, came running into the room screaming while I was in the middle of leaving a message which caused an instant, horribly embarrassing, explosion in the middle of it. After I got off the phone with her she got to sit in time out for 5 minutes while I took the time to just breath. Chalk it up to learning.

And then everything stopped. So yeah, whatever. Don't care, don't care to care.

I think it's better this way anyway. Or easier. They can make the messes, I'll clean them up. Fine.

Oh. Got the new 3ds last weekend. It's pretty nice and the 3d effect is interesting, but I don't anticipate using it much. Frankly, the only game I have even the slightest interest in for it is their zelda remake, and only God and Nintendo know when that's supposed to come out. I'd like to get James a new DS too before Sakura Con, because I think that would be fun for him to have, but I've a very limited amount of money I'm going to be able to use to do that. I don't know.

Don't care.