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I am taking some time down from my terribly busy life (ha). Don't really have much to say about it. Macy and Callie are playing Old Maid at the moment and I'm hoping it won't turn into a screaming match as things normally do. It's stupid, the game has just started, they're treating it like goldfish, and Macy is already whining about it. If they're not screaming-laughing, which hurts the ears incredibly, Macy is fake scream-crying. If kids could be bi-polar, I would totally peg Macy.

My mom has been on "vacation" for the past week visiting my brother in texas and my grandparents in Arizona, so Macy and Callie have been coming over to my house until lunch and playing with Leon. He's been enjoying it I think. And after that, around 2, I would take them home. Callie was funny, she would ask if she could spend the night. No idea why she would want to. She came home yesterday night just as Leon and I were starting out on our walk, which was probably good. I don't think we would have gotten anywhere near the door, let alone outside, if he had seen her. When we got back she told me she had some jewelry, a bracelet, choker and earrings, for me from grandma kouder who thought I would like it because I wear black. It's a little bit of a confusing concept for me, but whatever, it's pretty and vintage. The way my mom was was explaining it, her husband used to have a bit of money I guess and would buy her a lot of jewelry. And I have just forgotten whatever point I was going to make except that it was really nice for my grandma to have thought of me like that and I will try to take the best care possible I can of it, while not wearing it in public places where I might get mugged. :) My mom also brought me back 3 shot glasses. She used to hate that I'd ask for them as souvenirs, but I guess has gotten over it.

While she was gone I was hoping to be able to watch a lot of the Anime I've recently gotten, but as with all good intentions, they fell by the wayside. The only thing I think I've finished was Barefoot Gen 1 & 2 and FullMetal Alchemist and that was all done the day before she left.

Barefoot Gen 1, while it was really good and informative on the subject matter with which it was based (wwII, the bombing of Hiroshima and the after-effects), left me feeling incredibly confused by the end as to what exactly I was supposed to be feeling. Quite unlike with grave of the fireflies where it was just straight up depressing. Through the beginning it was very lighthearted and laughable, both with the animation and story, but then they dropped the bombs and within 5 seconds everything got incredibly dark and scary. The animation went from very round and bright, to very sharp and dark, and it bounced back and forth between the two. And I understand why the did that. They were trying to make a point with Gen that while things were incredibly dark and full of despair at that point, that Japan still had the strength to look on the bright side of things and know that it would get better and wouldn't be like that forever. Overall it was a great set of movies that I think everyone should see at least once; I'm glad to have gotten it, but I wish like hell I could get through The World of Narue, Tekkon Kinkreet and Sky Crawlers too. T.T It shouldn't be this hard.

Need to go play new pokemans now. :d


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Mar. 10th, 2011 03:19 pm (UTC)
Love Sky Crawlers so much! Haven't heard of any of the others, so I'll have to check them out. Why have I been watching so little anime lately T_T
Mar. 10th, 2011 10:32 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that was the reason I got it. :) I remembered your talking about it and how much you enjoyed and recommended it so I thought it would be a good one to pick up.

Now I just have to sit down with it...
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