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So has it been two weeks yet?

I never wanted this to turn into a thing where I was only posting once every two weeks or whatever has ended up happening, but sadly, that's what it's become. :(

This job has been really nice. I'm enjoying watching Macy and Callie most days. There are the occasions when they're a royal pain, but those seem to be once a week at most. Yesterday was the pain in the butt day of the week. Today I managed to forget the protein bar that I'll eat for breakfast,

I think about once a week I've ended up taking them out or doing something with them. The first week it was them getting Burger King for lunch, last Thursday they got to make ice cream, and on monday, I had an appointment so they went to costco with me and got a pizza for Callie and hot dog for Macy, for lunch. Then we went to Fred Meyer where they got a jump rope and yo-yo each, for my peace of mind. Earlier in the day they had tried to use a necklace as one and FUCK it was noisy. When I asked if they had an actual jump rope to use they said no and said "Unacceptable, you need jump ropes. We will go buy some." They also got some bagels, which their mom insisted on paying for. I feel uncomfortable with her paying for stuff I'm buying. If she asked for it I would be more than happy to let her pay for it, but she didn't so... yeah. Bothers me.

Today was a little bit of a pain with Macy asking for salad for lunch, I suspect only for the crutons, like Callie was having only to not eat it. So I made her go sit on the sofa until she decided she was hungry and was going to eat it. Didn't happen. What did was her falling asleep, so after about 20 or 30 minutes I yelled at her to wake up and asked her to eat 3 bites and then she could go play. The part that bothered me wasn't her not eating it, because really, if you're not hungry there's no point in eating, but in the fact that she knew she didn't want or like it, and wasn't going to eat it, and despite all that her asking for it anyway. So for the rest of the day she's been told she's not getting anything like oreos or popcorn, things with sugar in them which I don't like giving them ANYWAY, until she eats the rest of it. Makes me feel bad. :(

Tomorrow I'm getting off because Callie is going up to her grandma and grandpas for her birthday which is this weekend. I'm really hoping I get to spend it with James because I haven't gotten to spend any alone time with him in... well, forever really, but I'm dubious about that happening at this point.

His water heater has been leaking for quite some time now, his dad doesn't take care of any problems as they arise and it makes what could have been minor things into major, and they're supposed to replace it today. As far as I know that hasn't happened yet. It's got James stressed and he was telling me that the mold has actually gone through the wall to the other side which is in his dad's room. :\

Alcoholism... Fucking ruins EVERYTHING.

I'm also thinking about going to sakura con this year in that I want to, and I know James wants to, but I can't pay for a hotel room up in Seattle for uh, 2 or 3 nights. Just for the passes to get in. Probably wouldn't be able to get anything there either. So I don't know how that would work. And it sucks because it's right before my birthday. :'( *sigh*