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Woo, 3 days! It's a fuckkin record!

Work today was a little better than yesterday. Drank too much coffee though since I was really tired today so I'm feeling a little bad. It's hard to remember sometimes how sensitive I actually am to caffeine since I don't get much. And I'm having to take the bus for a little bit with some transit helper guy. He's basically just riding with me until I know the route, at which point he stops and I no longer have to take the bus to or from work ever again. And I do mean that. What would have been a 30 minute drive home from work (or in my case, ride, since my mom is the driver) turned into a 2 and 1/2 hour wait and ride, while feeling sick from the caffeine on 2 incredibly crowded busses with a guy who I don't particularly care much for. I guess he's ok, but he's got some creepy weird nails that bug the crap out of me and I don't get at all. Don't think the sick I was feeling today, or the upset I was feeling when I met him yesterday, helped my opinion of him any. :( Oh well, he's just helping with the bus for a few days.

In other news, my mom alerted me to more family drama. And oh boy, oh boy. Melissa, uber-repub, drama whore extraordinaire, has outdone herself in disgusting by leaps and bounds.

ABC, 123. And let's shorten names too. Melissa has boarders living at her house and she has a slight record now of picking bad apples. I don't know if this is on purpose because she works (worked?) with teens with records or what. The only one I heard of before today was a teacher who was an alcoholic and would pitch fits. And I guess this one drinks too, though if he has a problem with it or not, I don't know. Fairly recently, but a bit ago (don't know the exact date) Jen's daughter Brianna spent the night there with Katie. Can you guess where this is going yet? Jen and Mel are known for having their issues with each other, all stemming from Melissa, so I have no idea how shit like this comes together except that Jennifer wants things to be semi-peaceful for the kids sake. Let's all laugh at this. Haha.

Mel has called CPS on Jen, made up an incredible amount of rumors about her, talked shit about her to her face and behind her back. So much that I wouldn't even know where to start. So I won't. Of course though, Mel does this with everyone, no exceptions. And she doesn't get why everyone hates her.

Ahem, I need to make this shorter.
Bri was [possibly] molested by Mel's boarder.
There, that was short and to the point.

And while that is disgusting enough in it's own right, what makes it even more so is Melissa's reaction to it. In essence, she's saying that Jennifer shouldn't have reported it and since she did Jen should have told her, despite it being Jen's business and being told by the police not to let him know, which would have happened had Mel been informed. Oh, and she's quitting the family.

She's calling Jennifer a liar "because she does," because Katie wasn't touched and she knows her boarder which I assume translates into being friends with him. And she is angry because she never wanted Katie to be interrogated, which is what happens when someone is taken advantage of or murdered, and because my mom knew and didn't tell her, which I'm sorry but it wasn't my mom's place or obligation to say anything. And there are a bunch of other things I'm forgetting in all the mess. So, needless to say, her Christmas gathering is canceled, not that I was going anyway since the last incident at her house which ended up with me crying and taking a painkiller Layton gave me so I could deal with it until I could get out. I seriously don't even write about a 10th of the shit that goes down with her because it's so frequent that most of the time it isn't worth the time.

Melissa had better pray to god that Jennifer or Brianna is lying because if they aren't Melissa's pride and defending her boarder over Brianna is going to pretty much hang her.

It's... I have to go to bed. I suppose if more ends up coming up, or if I just feel like it, which I really don't know if I will since it is Melissa, I can put down more of my thoughts on the matter tomorrow. I'm not sure if I will or not though since James is supposed to be coming up. EEEE, I miss him sooooo much. My fantastic. Needless to say though, if I ever see her again, and I know I've made this threat in the past and never followed through, she'll never visit this house again.


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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 25th, 2010 06:47 pm (UTC)
Ha, well as long as all I have to do is listen, I'll be HAPPY! :)

And I actually don't drink that much coffee, which, I think is why I have such a low tolerance. So, of course when I do drink it, I do tend to go way overboard. :p
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