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Oh hai

I'm so tired today. And bitchy too. Worked my first full fucking day at orion. It was stupid and I hated it. The work was easy though, albeit boring as hell, and I'd like to think I accomplished more than everyone else who was doing the same job.

I hate even more though, how short term of a notice I got about it. The call I wasn't expecting to get for months because it was supposedly "so slow," I got on Thursday telling me to come in on Friday for orientation and that I would start working Monday. T.T

The shop is dirty, noisy, and today I was late. My mom was supposed to drive me to work since I have no idea how the busses, to and from, work yet. So I had nothing to eat and even less in the way of sleep thanks to Mary.

Mary who smokes like a chimney, has to have the heater upstairs running full blast so my room turns into a furnace, AND needs to have her fucking phone surgically implanted INTO HER GODDAMN FACE. If anyone is going to get brain cancer from phones it will be her. GET OFF THE PHONE MARY. When she's not on it, it's usually going off with someone calling her who doesn't know how to leave a message. Possibly because she doesn't know how to check them? I dunno. But Tim, her husband, is ALWAYS calling over and over and over. And then when he can't get ahold of her he'll start panic-calling my mom. More than a little creepy imho.

She was supposed to move out by the 15th but as of today that's not happening so it looks like I'll be living down in my parents room on their spare bed until next month. Tomorrow I was hoping to see James, but Orion, I assume, are having someone come by at 4 to help me get familiar with the bus routes.

Oh, and I hate the goggles I have to wear over my glasses, so I think I'm going to ask Maureen if I can get some prescription ones. *crossing fingers*

Rawr. Angry.

But! I got a shiny new 360 (the short touchy one) and have been playing a lot of Fallout New Vegas. My least favorite out of them all, too glitchy for me to ever be fully satisfied with, but it's still enjoyable.