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I do realize the opinion seems to be increeeedibly unpopular, especially when you're as far to the left side of the spectrum as I am, but FUCK. We execute far too few of the right people, and we do it in the wussiest of ways. Why should it matter if you're too fat to hang from the neck until you're dead? THE WHOLE POINT IS FOR YOU TO DIE! Afraid of needles? Too fucking bad. And for that matter, why do we have to use sterilized needles and clean the area to be injected? You're dead, it's not going to matter. You can't get an infection or die of aids.

I dunno, I think we just need to bring back the guillotine and start having good old fashioned beheadings again. Life in prison is not much of a punishment unless you're living in some crappy third world country or in pre-1800's.

James and I have had a couple of conversations about it, and he disagrees in the point that he finds life to be precious and worth keeping around. I remember what initially brought it up was when he was drunk and got really upset because Chris said he thought it was acceptable. And I mean he got REALLY fucking upset. To the point where he was screaming and not listening to anyone else's opinions on the matter. And I do agree for the most part. Right up until you go out and show such cold and callous disregard for the life and lives of people around you. If you kill your kids because your new boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't want any, you've forfeit your own right to life. With drunk driving, that would have to take a couple of times. First one you would get to consider it an accident, and take all the punishments of what you normally get now, life in prison is fine. A chance to reform and show remorse, ok. Repeat the offense and then you've just said that you obviously didn't care the first time and that's when you forfeit everything. My opinion is very strong on this matter and I think the only thing that could possibly change it would be severe brain damage. I even hold the same opinion when it comes to myself and the people I care about most. If you're going to do something that incredibly stupid, sorry but bye bye.

And I suppose the thing that brought it up today was the guy who tried to bomb the Oregon tree thing. That was just a little bit too close to home for me to be comfortable with. He acknowledged everything that he did and showed no remorse for it even when it was pointed out that there would be children there. People like that don't deserve the option of life in prison. Give them their fair trial, fine, but if they're found guilty don't give them life. Plus he looked funny, and not in the haha sort of way. More like the kind where I want to take one of my good boots to your face because I don't like to look at it. :\

In regione caecorum rex est luscus.




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Nov. 29th, 2010 12:26 am (UTC)
Just this:
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