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At least it's not cancer

Ok, so! The show on Friday with Layton was fun. It reminded me why I liked In This Moment so much. Forgot my camera though, would have been perfect to take it with. I did managed to get body slammed by a very large group of male people, one right after the other who apparently couldn't just walk by to get into the area where people were moshing. >:( I was well in the back trying to stay away from all that. Other than that little bit though, it was good. Suppose it's good I'm not pregnant otherwise I'm sure I would have probably miscarried from the force of impact. (haha)

On the walk down to it I made a comment to Layton about how my collection of Asian things (mostly in reference to film) is going to end up growing exponentially now that I've got some money. It made him laugh. It's true though. I am just such a freak about Asian cinema. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hong Kong, Thai, anime, live action... all of it. There is very little I've seen that I dislike. I wish I could pinpoint exactly what it is I enjoy so much about them, besides the fact that I'm a fucking dork. It bothers me that I can't, because I could tell you exactly, down to the tiniest bit, why I hate modern American movies, but I can't say why exactly I like everything else.

I'm feeling very ADD at the moment and it's not fun. Making it hard to concentrate on any one thing right now.

Saturday I didn't go to the mercury. Never ended up hearing back from Matt. Guess that was fine, whatever.

Today it has been snowing all day. Inches. Leon was enjoying it while I was outside with him. Ran around all over everywhere and was catching snowballs and eating them. So cute. I was able to build up a fire when we came back in and kept it going because I was uncomfortable with how much the heater was going and I was home alone after 3 until about 7 or 8.

Had a lot of time alone to think.

My mom doesn't like driving in the snow at all, so today ended up being very stressful for her. My dad is having some problems and she ended up having to take him to the hospital where they stayed for most of the night. My dad will not go to the doctor for anything, so when he goes, you know something is wrong. It can be incredibly traumatizing. Mary was freaking out because she didn't get my mom's text telling her where they were and was asking me questions that I didn't exactly know how to answer. All I could tell her was that I couldn't talk about it, my mom has sworn me to secrecy, and I'm sure everything was fine. And it turned out that it was. Just kidney stones.

Having Mary around with all this *stuff* happening is not good though. She's the sort of person who can't keep her mouth shut to save her life. And I suppose for the most part I can't either, but I know when it's inappropriate to talk about certain matters. The only person I talked to about dad's problem was with James. It's... hard to think about because I don't care exactly, but I still do worry.

All the thinking, it's fried my brain.