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Ohhhh, I've finally got my hand back. It feels so fucking good to be able to type again. That splint was a nightmare to be in. But now I'm out and my wrist (as far as I know, and what I know ain't much) isn't fractured. Still hurts though when I bend it in funny directions or too far forward or back. It's funny to me though, I'll actually find myself unconsciously stretching it back and forth to the point of pain, trying to get the muscles, tendons and joints back into the normal.

Todd pulled on his leash a little too hard when I had to hold it on our walk earlier though, and that wasn't fun feeling.

Before I left the doctors office today I should have asked for a new prescription for Leon... She kept asking me if she could do or give me anything, over and over, and I kept saying, no, thank you. I just couldn't do it. Fucking anxieties. Fucking agoraphobia. Brain turns to mush.

James has been visiting a bit this week, and after forcing him to spend the night saturday, he helped make eggs and in general took care of me while I would go in and out from the zolofty stuff. Hate the side effects. Exhausted me and my balance will go completely to crap.

Monday I'm hoping he'll be able to finish his ged, which he's been working on for 2 weeks now, but thanks to all my crappy appointments I'm not sure how that will work.

And tomorrow he's going to take all his stuff, information or application, back to gamestop. Guess he's going to be working there again. I don't have too terribly much of a fondness for the place since it's so dangerous at night, but work is work and that's the only place we know of where he is welcome. He was telling me that they're currently between DM's at the moment though, so hopefully he will be able to get better hours and won't be fired like he was last time.

Oh, my grandma's 80th is on Monday too.

I think I have to many halloween buckets around my room. Should probably get rid of some, but I love them too much. Can see 3 within my sight while sitting here on my bed. One is a purple pumpkin I got off ebay with a bunch of other stuff, another I just got from mcdonalds a week ago, and the other is glow in the dark, casper, and I think I got it from jack in the box.

I need to go through, and get rid of, a lot of stuff in my room. The hardest part though is actually getting it out since I don't like throwing things away unless they're really worn or useless. :( And I keep forgetting to ask James if he'll carve a pumpkin with me, since I think that's the only Halloween I'll get to have this year. And I'll actually have to go out and buy one (believe that food stamps should cover it) because the weather was so crappy this year, that none of the plants or trees seem to have gotten anywhere near bloom before the frost.

No cherries, no pumpkins, no grapes, no plums, no strawberries; bunch of green tomatoes, a handful of blackberries, and only one big daddy pepper, which wasn't all that big. Hell, even the compost pile and grass under the apple trees that are normally covered in apples are nearly completely bare this year. Faaaantastic.


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Oct. 23rd, 2010 07:40 pm (UTC)
Yay for getting your hand back! :)
Oct. 25th, 2010 06:27 am (UTC)
Yup, feels good. :D
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