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Had a cold dry summer and now that it's september again, we're back to standard Washington weather. Not actually as wet and dreary as the rest of the world would have you think. Just a tiny bit damp. :)

Yesterday I was able to go out and get my reduced fare orca card up in Seattle. I was supposed to spend the night down with James and he was going to go with, but sadly I ended up with food poisoning that night so I had to call my mom and have her take me home. I think I'm lucky though, with food poisoning and me, it doesn't ever last more than a few hours. No idea why, though I do have a completely unfounded theory as to why (which I will keep to myself). :) Anyway, James had a little of my food and was having some trouble of his own that night. If it was related, I don't know. Mostly it had to do with the fact that his sleep schedual is completely off, always has been, and he wasn't able to get to sleep that night. So instead of him going with me, it was my mom and Leon. And that was fine. Leon was a little weird because we took the bus for about half of the ride, and he's not used to it. Overall it was an interesting sort of trip I suppose.

And now I'm unhappy to say I'm fighting with James over trying to get him to get his GED. I'm the one who will be paying for it and it's frustrating for me because I don't feel like I can do or say anything, and he can't keep lying on his job applications because contrary to his beliefs, they will actually check it.

Goddamnit. I just can't say anything about it...

It's... frustrating.