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My pipe tastes like bubble solution...

Tomorrow I am going to try and catch up on a weeks worth of posts that I've missed. Just got back from the weekend at guemes island, which wasn't so swell but I suppose was acceptable, where leon got to run around off leash like they had never been created. And he did incredibly well. :)

Unfortunately I forgot my camera. And it killed me. I was so pissed because I would have nearly happily forgotten my phone if it meant I remembered my camera. Nearly. There were a lot more disappointing things that happened that weekend than things I liked, and I spent more time sleeping to get away from the stress that are my dads over-zealousness (sarcasm) than doing anything else.

Today I finally got James' guitar sold off, and I was incredibly apprehensive about it. Didn't help that the lady of the girl who wanted it came off as being VERY rude and cold. But it was sold for 85 dollars, with the amp, and I no longer have to think about it. I don't really feel the need to explain my actions, or the way I do things to anyone. She asked for information, I gave her what she wanted, I'm not sure what more can be said about it. She didn't ask WHY my listing was so sparse, which I have a full and complete explanation for; 1. being it wasn't my "official listing" just a starter to get me out of it, 2. that I had listed it earlier in the year for 50, complete description and pictures, and no one gave a shit; and 3. having to do with 2 and being that I am of the opinion that things like that will find their owners on their own, discription or no; and less of a description weeds out the ones who don't actually care. Just a rude comment from her that it was. Made me nervous as fuck. But whatever. Done. Over.

People like that are the reason why I tend to gravitate so heavily towards agoraphobia, have such an incredibly great social anxiety problem and really see no need to gravitate too far away from it.