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I think I can say I am quite a bit less pissy now. Had a really bad sunday, things just decided they wanted to continually go wrong so I did what I seem to do best. I panicked and retreated. Fun.

James came up yesterday, walked, and I convinced him to spend the night. My motivations behind it were purely selfish and I knew he probably would be too tired to walk back down, despite my dad being home and the sort of guy who would kill me if he knew I did it, I didn't anticipate that anything should go wrong. And it didn't. He's got his routines and he never breaks them unless you really give him a reason to. And just to make doubly sure I stayed downstairs until he went to work at 2 am.

Anyway, things went fine, and I had a good night. James went home slightly before my dad got home from work at 2 pm. And I'm happy. Planning to watch vital later, if my head can stand it. I've got a bit of a headache, I assume from the last little heat wave we're having for the summer.

It's an incredibly underrated film and one of the best I've ever seen.

Oh, and someone at the place I'm supposed to train at seemed to ignore the marking on my paper that was supposed to say I was unavailable and don't get back with me until September. Can't read? He called and left a message on the machine to schedule an appointment for me to come in today. Didn't happen of course, I don't drive. I still find it completely bizarre that out of all the jobs that require hands-on for work, they think I would do well in all the ones that I would hate. :\