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A little tired.

My mom has been gone since Friday. That's fine I guess, except I have a bunch of stuff I have to remember to do while she's gone and I managed to screw that up day 1. I'm supposed to be watering all the plants, but I forgot to what extent that is and have only been watering the flowers and tomatoes. Forgot about the grapes, forgot about the zucchini and forgot about the pumpkin. I also often forget if I watered the flowers [today] or not and have to keep going over and over it again in my head. Frustrating to say the least.

I also had had to pick up the mail of my grandparents and aunt, along with feeding her cat, and watering all her flowers, from Friday through Monday because they were all gone as well until late yesterday. I managed to forget to water her plants a couple days... so they kinda looked like crap when I went to drop off my aunt's key to her house today. Oops.

I can barely feed myself some days and people are expecting me to remember to feed plants. :)

Oh, I'm also having to argue with Leon and Todd to get them to eat their food. I know I shouldn't worry so much about Leon, but I do because he has a sensitive tummy and will throw up sometimes if he doesn't eat in the morning. I had to deal with that on Thursday and it scared the shit out of me because he threw up 3 or 4 times and I had to leave to see some stupid factory, which I hate btw, and will possibly get into later. Todd I worry more because I have to yell at him for a good 10 minutes and shove the food in front of his face when he tries to leave it, before he'll stop being stupid and eat it. And it's a tiring process, so he'll usually only get one or two meals a day versus the 3 he should be having normally. I'll fill his bowl, and if he hasn't eaten it by lunch we'll start the insistent yelling processing, and then I'll fill it again a few hours later for dinner and after that he'll get to decide on his own if he wants to eat it or not.

Old doggie is old.

Oh also, I BELIEVE IN THE POSSIBILITY FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS IN THE UNIVERSE. Just... wanted to say that. It's not really saying much though since I used the word possibility. :)