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Oh how quickly time goes

Yhep. And this is overdue, so I'm taking my time out now before I got to bed.

I had a really fucking fantastic night (and day today) with James last night. I'm trying to get as much time in with him as I can before my mom leaves to visit my sister over in Rhode Island on the 13th. After that I don't know if I'll see him at all until September. She'll be gone until the 27th, and then on the 28th we, my mom, dad, Todd, Leon and I, will be going to Guemes Island until the 30th.

Anyway, it was awesome, in so many words I can't explain. I walked down to his house, minus a Leon because I didn't want to put him through the stress, so I had a little time to myself to enjoy the night. When I got to the bottom of the hill I decided I wanted to see if I could take a shortcut through the housing complex to get to the apartments, and that almost ended up going badly because I got half-sick of walking through the houses trying to find a non-fenced area next to the trail I was trying to get to, so I ended up jumping it. Almost tore a couple holes in my pants, and one in my shirt, but somehow I managed. When I was almost to the drive-in, before deciding to go through the houses, I sent James a text letting him know and he decided he wanted to surprise me by meeting me. My house detour kinda screwed that up a little bit, and I kinda feel bad for it, but I really don't like walking by the road down there and really would like to find an alternate way by it.

After I was able to get through there and met up with James, we sat down on the grass for a little bit before walking down to 7-11. I got him a sobe and myself a slurpee (even though all the flavors currently suck). The walk back to the apartments was behind all the shops?, it's my personal preference to go that way since it's away from the main street and so much quieter, so that we could better see the Auroras that were going on from the solar tsunami a couple days earlier. I really didn't think that we would see as much as we got to (around an hour I think) and I'm sure if we had stayed out longer it probably would have eventually passed overhead. I kinda wanted to get back though because I was starting to feel a little run down from all the walking. When we got back I was able to pester him enough to get him to watch the first episode of Firefly before going to sleep. He's only seen a little bit of one random episode, which he didn't like. So it has become my personal mission to get him to see the entire thing because I, and Chris too, think he would enjoy it if he gave it an honest chance.

The thing I love about James is that I don't have to do anything elaborate with him to be happy. It can be as simple as a walk down to 7-11 and back, not even to buy anything. Just to walk and talk. Or we can just stay in bed all day talking or watching him play games. And he's so fantastically easy to talk to. Even when we get in the worst of arguments, which aren't often or that bad at all, things usually end up fixing themselves up fairly quickly. Most of the discourse we have is civil and are about things like differences in opinions over dealing with religion or politics. Or why someone doesn't like so-n-so the actor or some movie, while the other does. I really think the song Cut the Crap by Alice in Videoland probably emotes it all perfectly. (I'm always amused by the seahawks shirt)

You know my every action
My different reaction
You know what gets me going and what pisses me off
You know I'm not the soft kind
I do what's on my own mind
But suddenly it seems like I can't get enough.

Let's stay in bed all day long, I say
We can do it all in every way
'cause I like it just the way you like it.

Next time he comes up I plan on making him go to the park with Leon and I. It's been many years since I've been there, over a decade, and I had forgotten that it was there just behind our house. Since re-discovering it though, I plan to make the trips there a lot more frequent. :) I've been finding a lot of things lately that I didn't realize or remember were around here before. Little secrets that my tiny area holds.

It's been a very good day, but now I'm tired and should be going to bed.


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Aug. 6th, 2010 12:49 pm (UTC)
It's awesome to hear something upbeat from you. :-)
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