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It's been a long and incredibly exhaustive day, and not in the good way. All the terribly long list of events of this weekend; the brain melting heat, Melissa accusing me of things I didn't do and telling me what I can and can't say, turkey legs incident, people not listening to what I said, slurpee mess, my phone malfunctioning and needing replaced causing me to lose my phone numbers again, not being able to get circus peanuts (seriously upsetting as trivial as it sounds), ebt going down statewide (supposedly) with no explanation why, the flour being bad; and James ignoring how upset I was getting because he was afraid I was going to yell at him... it just made my brain implode and I had one of those really horrible panic attacks that I had hoped he would never see. Incredibly draining experience for me and I think he said it was pretty traumatic for him.

There were a million other little things that happened too. Finding the head of Deku Link squished on the floor because people have been coming in and messing with my papercrafts was bad. It took a lot to build and was supposed to be for James when the body is finished. And it just seemed like the more that happened the littler the things became, and the easier it became for them to bump me up higher into that panicked state.

I'm hoping it's all over now though and that I'll be able to move back to a more normal state of being. Or normal for me anyway.


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Jul. 13th, 2010 06:15 pm (UTC)
People are so incredibly stupid and heartless sometimes.

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