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I'd like to think today was a good day overall. I didn't enjoy the orientation meeting. There were way too many people in the room and I started to have a panic attack and almost cried, but I did get through it all in one piece and came out with a little more hope than I went in with. The lady who talked with me after the meeting apparently works with a lot of people who have aspergers, which I suppose is nice. I'm still having a little trouble with the diagnosis. I don't know how to react towards people who I have to tell or what their reaction is supposed to be. Whys and hows. Anyway, she said she would like me to try some job placement things. Case is still not guaranteed though, this is all if it goes through. After the meeting I got to go to James' house for a little while. He was watching Leon and my mom had to get the tire fixed. Again. Another nail in it. But it was a nice excuse to be able to see him since I knew he was going to be too tired to come up. :)

Oh, and I got to JoAnnes to pick up the glue for Katie's NaniBirds. And to get money for my mom.

After all that was done and I came back home I got a text from James saying he got a call-back for an interview at 2:30 from JoAnnes. I'd really like it if he were able to get a job there. It would be so nice to have him working closer to home than he has been. It would make it easier for him to get to and from work without having to worry about public transportation so much. Would make it easier to see him too since it's so close.

I just like knowing he's safe and doing well.

Tomorrow we were also going to drop off some more applications for him up at Southcenter, assuming he got them done anyway, and then he has to come up and play a game with me. Labyrinth. It was always one of my favorite games as a kid. Been awhile since I've touched it. And I think it's in the house here somewhere, I want to say on a bookcase downstairs but I'm not entirely sure though. Should probably look in the morning just to make sure I'm not deluding myself.

I'm trying everything I can to be supportive of him and make him feel better about everything. I should get paid for doing that, it's a job in it's self. :) But it's also one I'm more than happy to do for free.

So tired...