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There have been quite a few happenings that have gone on over the past few days, and I never know how to be anything less than wordy, so I imagine this might be a bit long. Not that I can see anyone minding. :)

I- am a freaking airhead. I keep remembering and forgetting that it's getting well past the first of the month and I have to give Leon his Comfortis. And if it was so easy as just getting him to take it I would probably be done with it by now, but therein lies the dreaded problem. He hates the stuff and I usually have to run around anywhere from 30 minutes to a hour wrapping or covering it in food, chasing him around the house, and getting him to try and eat it. He always knows exactly what it is though and always manages to eat whatever it's wrapped up or covered in and then spits out the pill. And then we start all over again. And while it's always frustrating while it's happening, it's also funny to me after I get done. He is the most brilliant pain in the ass... and it just makes me love him that much more. There is just something about that corginess.

Today he decided to come up to see me when I was making a valiant attempt to watch Gilgamesh, jumped up on the bed and layed down with me. Eventually I fell asleep myself and when I awoke I found him asleep, with his head on my laptop, drooling all over my keyboard. Thankfully, it wasn't too terribly much drool, unlike some breeds out there, so I don't think it will do any damage to it.

I've really been wanting to take Leon out to the park for a couple weeks, but it just won't stop raining. The temperature to my knowledge, despite it being june now, has yet to get above 75 here. I think I'm actually fairly surprised by it. While I keep hearing about all the extremes in other parts of the country, here, it's calm, cold and wet. Leon will sit out on the porch, and on the few sunny days we will go outside and I will blow bubbles while he lays out in the grass. It's really nice, even when it is raining. Rain. :) Apparently this "gloomy" weather has been getting to him and he just wants it to be over with. A complaint I think can attempt to understand. The reason I could probably see him as being upset over it would be that he is perhaps not getting enough Vitamin D from the sun and it's having that effect on him. Something that happens in the winter a lot, like the winter blues? Anyway, it's interesting for me to see this in other people because I don't get it myself. Sure I'm occasionally bored by it, but overall I think it's a very good thing and am happy to have it, all strictly from an ecological standpoint. If we had as much sun as everyone seems to desire there be, things would end up being in a very bad way. Things would drought, plants would dry up and die, local foods would start to become scarce, which would mean we would have to import causing prices to go up, and water would be even scarcer, which, other than in bottles, you can't import and the price of using it would go nuts. Mostly because people have an odd (to me) obsession with green lawns. As I said though, that would be an extreme situation, and I'm glad it's not happening. Yet.

Uh-uhm, moving on. Finley, who has been here visiting from Iraq for the last 2 weeks, is leaving to go back tomorrow. It was kinda nice being able to see him again. A few days ago when I came home from the craft store, picking up some glue, paper and an xacto knife, I brought up Aspergers with him and told him he very likely had it, it being genetic and all. And he came back yesterday and told me how he had been curious, looked it up and, as he put it, it felt like his eyes had been opened up and it explained so much. Everything fit so well. He always thought that he had just been a little weirder than everyone else. I remember when he was in elementary school and hearing stories from when he would come home of being picked on. In one instance during music class it got violent and while the teacher was out, he ended up with a couple of the students who really didn't like him picking up the chairs throwing them at him. He came home with some really bad bruses from it. And of course the school used the excuse that since the teacher wasn't in the room they couldn't do anything about it. They always used that excuse. But yes, I hope that knowing that now will help him a little more.

Oh, I also picked up some cheapie juggling balls while I was at Joannes. I saw them and it made me think about how terrible my hand-eye coordination is. So on impulse, I grabbed them. It was only two dollars, and I figure, maybe if I get really bored one of these days that maybe I'll pick them up. Highly doubtful though. :)

Tomorrow I may end up at Layton's, I think it would just depend on his mood. He talked about it earlier today. No. Correction. It is after 12 now so that would be yesterday. James had also talked about coming up either Thursday or Friday, but that never happened as I expected it would. He was just having a lazy day. Can't blame him, but I'm starting to wonder how I can poke him off his butt and into a job. Or at least an education. I'm at a loss since the job market fucking sucks and every time I bring it up he gets really depressed and says all sorts of awful things. That thing with Gamestop has really affected him bad, and between that and his dad...


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Jun. 5th, 2010 05:37 pm (UTC)
I don't mind the wordiness, in fact I enjoy it!

Leon sounds like such a smart dog =)

And yes, I too don't like it when you have many days in a row of dryness and scorching sunlight. I think that summer is actually my least favorite season from a weather standpoint (i.e., ignoring the fact that there's less work in summer and they're usually more emotionally stable than the school year for me). One thing I like about moving to Princeton from Connecticut is that I'm now in the mid-Atlantic coastal plain climate zone, so we get a lot of rain and there's less drying up of plant life, etc.

I don't actually like it WHEN it's raining because it means I can't do anything outside. I think one of my favorite types of days is when it's cool but not raining, and there's a low overcast of clouds. For some reason I just love that type of weather -- so calm and relaxing.
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