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I am sitting down and writing because I haven't made a proper post in... almost 3 weeks now. It's funny to me because of the rate I used to write at and how if I didn't write in 3 days it felt like a month and I would feel guilty. And oh boy, that was nothing compared to the guilt I have now. I probably would have posted a couple days ago, other than the one short entry, but due to another person discriminating against me and leon, I've been really upset and have taken up papercraft to try and take my mind off of it. I've made domo, a pokeball, megaman, an e-tank and a little portal scene. Or most of the portal scene anyway. I've still got to cut out and paste together the last gun and put it on the person, and the person on the stand.

Leon saw his favorite cake decorator there and she gave him a pat on the head because she loves corgi's and he reminds her so much of her dog. Leon loves everyone there and (almost) everyone loves him. Then we walked around a little bit more, picking up a bug catching kit to give with the cake and a yo-yo for James, and all of the sudden this lady comes out of nowhere in front of the seafood, there was an employee watching the entire time, and started screaming at me about how what I was doing was illegal and I had to get out of the store NOW. I was stressed enough at the time and her doing that just set me off further. I started to yell back (I think) about how I was well within my legal rights, I know the damn rules and what there are and are not in place and how they work. She told me I needed a id tag or vest on my dog. I don't, and those things are a scam to part a man from his money most of the time anyway as I explained. I showed her my perscription and she said it could have been written by anyone and basically called me a liar, at which I told her that she could take that up with my doctor then. Oh, she also told me I had to go talk to the manager about Leon. I told her I have talked to the manager before, many, many times and if she has an issue, she needs to be the one to go talk to him not me.

Eventually I was able to get away from her though, but the damage had already been done and as I escaped I could feel it in my heart. I could feel my throat closing up on me, started crying, and everything started to go numb in my arms, I grabbed a neuro-calm from the drink isle, and almost made it to the other end of that isle before I couldn't take it anymore and almost fell over. I set everything down on the floor, an employee who was there asked if I was ok (no) and called the manager while I tried to call my mom. I could barely talk and it was almost impossible to tell her where I was. The attack was so bad I almost told the manager to call 911. Eventually I was able to calm down enough that I just wanted to get out, even if I did faint on the way out the door. Lucky me though it wasn't going to be easy. I had seen the lady once pass by at the end of the isle furthest away from me while the manager was down on the floor talking to me. After the manager came left to go back to his job and I was trying to get up and leave despite my mom's insistance on staying a little longer, she decided she wanted to come back for another round. Because I wasn't in bad enough condition as it was. So she came back, and I got to see her for the 4th time while she screamed more for the 2nd. This time she revealed that she had a "deadly allergy" to dogs. But my mom was there so she took care of it for the most part, told her I was well within my rights, to go talk to the manager, and, lastly, have a nice day. It's my mom's way of telling people to shut the fuck up and move along, and it did it's job. At that point I was able to get up and get away from her, my mom carried all my stuff to the checkout and checked out for me while I held Leon and tried not to faint. It was a very hard day.

My allergy to people seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. I'm having more and more bad encounters, and I'm not sure how many more I can take. I haven't felt well since the last one happened. Every time I'm reminded of it my throat closes up and I'll panic all over again. And all I can think is that, maybe if I had fainted or had to go to the hospital, I could have sued her for damages, and I loath the idea of suing people. So here I am, and I papercraft away.