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Fucking Magnets, how do they work?

I've ended up with a Netflix account. I am very much not a fan of theirs. Personally I don't like their business practices and how because of them they have become one of the big giant corporations that are squishing everyone else who even attempts to argue. Like Walmart, Monsanto and Fox. If I could, I'd much rather go with Blockbuster online. I've had experience with them, my mom has had experience with them, and it's been nothing short of good. But I'm not. Netflix has the world and the part that pushed me over was how now you can watch movies on the Wii. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have done it. And now I have to feel bad. But my mom is getting something out of it, she's queued a bunch of movies that she's been meaning to watch, and I found Dragonball: The Magic Begins, which I'm going to watch with James. It looks like one of those movies that is so bad it's good. Old, cheezy and campy.

And on more amusing things that I hate, I saw ICP's video for Miracles last week. And then I cried.

I would also like to note in this post; I am a funny sort of organic eater.


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Apr. 20th, 2010 03:00 pm (UTC)
Lol, I hate massive big evil monopolistic corporations too, though I didn't realize Netflix was one of them. My personal worst enemy is Microsoft. Anyways, my roommate and I have a Netflix account, because sharing it with him would be cheaper than me getting my own Netflix or Blockbuster account. It's pretty good and will definitely allow me to see movies that my parents wouldn't be interested in watching with me (most of my movie-watching is done at home with the parents, who also have their own Netflix account.]


Anyways, Netflix is pretty good but they don't have much anime stuff, and the stuff they do have is usually "availability unknown." I'm willing to bet you could probably find X-files DVDs though!
Apr. 24th, 2010 08:54 am (UTC)
I lol'd at the parenthesis exclamation
Ha, well I wouldn't go so far as to call them evil (quite yet) but they are still way too big for me to ever be comfortable with. It's been nice to have regardless. I was able to sit down the first night and watched the first 5 episodes of the X-files on my computer before I realized that I'd rather watch it with people and moved on to trying to catch up on all the Asian horror I've been missing. And Noein before it's taken off their instant list at the end of the month.

That's nice that you can sit down and watch stuff with your parents. I really have to be careful what I see around mine. Our tastes are polar opposites in most cases and my dad (who is the reason I love anime so much) has been known to have random hypocritical fits over people watching things he doesn't think are "appropriate" even though he's probably seen the it over a dozen times himself, or mock the program because it's not something he thinks he has an interest in. I blame my grandpa for that latter.
Apr. 25th, 2010 06:19 am (UTC)
Re: I lol'd at the parenthesis exclamation
Haha, that sounds like an annoying quirk with your parents. My parents and I like some different types of movies (they watch old romance movies and dramas that would bore me due to the lack of violence, explosions, and epic deaths), and I obviously watch anime that my mom refuses to watch because I refuse to watch anime dubbed and she refuses to watch it subbed! I did watch one dubbed with her once, but she hasn't asked to see any more since then so I guess she didn't like it much

That's so cool that your dad likes anime though! As for me, my mom is just as obsessed with X-files as I am, so that's cool.
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