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Full house and a messy train of thought.

Jon has moved (back?) in. I'm not sure if I want to call it back or not since it's been, uh, nearly 2 decades since he lived with us in the first place. I'm often in the habit of mixing up who lived where and when. Anyway, his wife has lost it and is insisting on a divorce or something I guess. Something about him not being man enough... and I don't get that in the slightest. Jon is fucking awesome and does everything for her and the kids. I think this all got started after she miscarried her last kid. It really messed her up and she started pretending like it didn't happen. Then she had to go into therapy, they tried to have nights out once a week, couples therapy... trial separation... Seriously? What the hell does she want out of him? He supports her and the kids and has been trying everything to make her happy.

Whatever. I think that is just really going to do a number on their kids.

And speaking of insane spouses messing up kids... I'm about ready to call CPS on Jennifer myself, it would be the 3rd time if I did, and I can see why Matthew started looking for a divorce from her in the first place. Guess she's changed a lot. Over the past few months I've been hearing about a whole different side of her I'd never known before. Big part being that she's a really big prescription drug user and is super neglectful. My mom found drugs she had taken from one of her dead girlfriends in her drawers when Jen asked her to come over with a lock box for the drugs she had. Very messy subject there. Just last week my mom was talking to Melissa about how they really need to get the kids out of there and other sundry things. I told mom that you can't just take the kids without CPS or the police being involved, otherwise you'll probably be accused of kidnapping, and no one needs that. Jen is always calling when my mom seems to be at her busiest or is unable to come to the phone... no, she doesn't even do the calling anymore, she gets Brianna to do it... anyway, to come over and help her do simple stupid things, like take out the garbage. THEN she'll sit there and insult the shit out of my mom. She's neglecting the hell out of her kids. Pretty sure Brianna misses more school than she attends, and Bo is really fat for a 4 year old. Unbelieveably so. They eat nothing but junk food and anything that gets cooked will sit out in their dirty kitchen for days while she will complain about how she can't do things "because she is sick." I'm sorry, but you can only use the sick excuse for so long because I know even sick people can take care of themselves. If she is so sick that she can't take care of something like the garbage, I'm sorry to say, but I don't think she's well enough to take care of her kids by herself.

And James appears to have lost some weight. He sent me a message today saying that he tried on his tripp pants today and they weren't impossibly tight anymore. Just tight enough that he's not required to use a belt with them. I'd love to get him back down to where he does have to use a belt to hold up his pants. That will be a good day indeed. So since we've eliminated the banana's as a cause for his heart palpitations, I'm putting him back on the morning banana diet. It's good for multiple reasons. Biggest one being that he needs to eat more healthy food and it's good to make sure he's gotten something to eat in the morning after he gets up. I'm really hoping that it's bringing his metabolism back up. Even a tiny bit would be nice.