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I really need to replace my phone. Got a call from some random guy about a text message I know I didn't send. He seemed really confused when I told him that it wasn't possible due to it being broken and that it barely functions as a phone, nevermind sending texts. If I had thought of it a split second earlier I would have told him that there was a possibility that the return call number might have been changed by the original sender. I did that once on accident and my mom had to ask me about it, at which point I remembered doing that. And this has just been happening for so many years that I've just gotten used to it and it's become routine. 'You have the wrong number,' 'sorry,' or 'it's fine' and 'goodbye'. And occasionally I'll get someone swearing at me and insisting I'm a liar. That is always, without fail, a black person. No joke. It's the rapper and hip-hop type. You can tell by the vocals, slang and the grammatical phrases used and how they structure them. Or don't. Probably sounds racist, but it's something very interesting and distinct that you learn to identify when you spend your entire life analyzing people's tones and trying to figure out what they're saying (or not). That is something to be addressed in a later post though. When it comes to text messages I'll usually tell them to fuck off because only in the text messages do I get to think about how to respond. I swear it's always a kid sending them.

Testing up in Seattle on Tuesday went fine. It was an IEP-ish test of the sort they give in schools and the tester said she was amazed at how well I was doing. When it came to the block puzzles, according to her the more complex they got the faster I arranged them, and the last one there are only 5% of people are able to get. If that was supposed to make me feel special, smart or something, it didn't. So apparently from what I gathered her saying, I did above average when it came to complex visual processing, applying it into physical form and dissecting larger forms into smaller parts. Could be wrong though, who knows. After the entire test was done she seemed pretty tired by it. I could have kept going at it all day if there had been more. It was kinda nice and stimulating. My favorite part was where I got to define evolution. :D That was fun.

And Leon will be turning 2 next Friday. It's almost hard to believe. He's grown up so much! Some days he's squishy, other days not so much. Since I had to put stuff in his eyes for his allergies he has started avoiding me at night until we go to bed. You'd think I hit him or something with the way he looks at me when I'm done. And if I stand up to go to the kitchen or dining room he will jump up and run to the other end of the room all the while eying me suspiciously, to somewhere he thinks I can't reach him. *sad-face* When James has been coming
up he seems to have the best time in the world. Running around, playing and being chased.

So I don't think we'll actually be doing anything on his birthday since it's a Friday, but on Saturday assuming it's clear, we'll be going up to Reber Ranch (his tubby butt hasn't been there in a forever-long time) to play and get treats. I'd like to find some antlers for him, but I don't think that's possible off-line.

And in the vein of birthdays, James decided to give me crap about mine today. Apparently it came up in my parents room and he overheard. Since he couldn't ever in the past remember when it was (and I hate celebrating it) I would tell him it was July 11th and he went out of his way to memorize it. And for awhile it was so drilled in there that he was convinced that was it. Eventually he caught on though that it wasn't. That went on for so long that he figured out that it's a lie and for the most part remembers it's *general* time frame. That it's in late April. Sometimes he'll even be able to get the date. But I still won't let up and every time he asks I'll just say the same thing and he'll get frustrated with me. It's what I do best and it's good for some laughs.