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Oh boy...

All the fuss has been worked out. James, Leon and my mom went with me to talk to the manager at the store and he apologized profusely for what she did and said he was surprised because she has worked there for quite some time and they have never had a problem with her in the past. Personally, I think she just has some fucked up grudge against me. Probably for how I look. That's why most people do anyway. Been called a satanist before by random passing strangers. True shit. But having to go through all that was up there in one of the worst experiences I have ever had to deal with. The entire time I was there talking I thought I was going to pass out. Suppose I probably would have too if my mom didn't do most of the talking. Of course, is why she was there. She always asks the proper questions and gets the answers. Ended up sending James home early after that with Layton because I was just feeling so sick, my head hurt something terrible, and I was just getting the impression off of him, with all the trouble he is having to go through in regards to work, that he would have just been happier down at home.

Monday Leon went to the Vet to be checked out and get up to date on all his shots. The vet gave me some ointment to put on his eyes to help the redness go down. He thinks it's probably from allergies. I now owe my mom 150 dollars for it. I'll only have to pay for a couple more months, barring any other unforeseen expenses.

Wednesday James took me out to see Shutter Island. It was a good movie, not exactly what I expected and the ending wasn't much of a surprise. Predictable. But I still enjoyed it. Being able to spend the time with James was good too. Told him next time we go see a movie, I get to pay. And that was probably the highlight of everything that will be happening, so I'll have to hold onto it as hard as I can. Funny how I thought that when the holidays were over everything would go back to normal. Ha ha ha.

And it seems that the month of March is going to be just stuffed full. I'm getting motion sickness already from just thinking about it. Not only do I have all of what have become my regulars but every Tuesday, starting this week, I'm going to have to go up to Seattle for the testing. Still not entirely comfortable with talking about it. James will be coming up to watch Leon for me while I'm gone, and it's been so long since I've been down there to his house that on Wednesday I plan to go down there and spend the day, and probably the night too if that's at all possible. God knows I'll need it.

Though now that I think on it, Thursday might be better... And I should probably go to bed because I'm starting to feel like a fat man is sitting on my chest.