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I really don't want to do this. Frankly, I'd be happier if I could just forget it, but it's not something that can be ignored and I'm going to have to file a complaint with not only the manager of the particular store, but I plan to also send the same letter to the head office of the entire company.

And I just want to go hide in a corner and pretend it never happened and never walk outside again. It's just too hard. I think what makes it harder is, while my mom was there, she didn't hear any of what the lady bitch said. Only the part about her not approving of my dog being in the cart.

I'm just so angry and am going through fits of agonized tears and rage. I just...

I can't.

She was talking to another cashier right behind me, and I know she knew I could hear her and said "It's bad enough that these people have to bring their dogs in here." I remember that part exactly. The part that gets a little fuzzy was when she said "but to put them in the carts too." Now to make perfectly clear, I place Leon in the baby seat when I have a cart, he would never actually sit in the section where the food is supposed to go. I turned around and said to her in shocked response "Excuse me, he is a service dog." Her response was a rather rude and angry, "I know, but people put their food in there." I wanted to snap back with, "Yeah, you know what else people put in there? Shit filled babies because that is what they are made for." But I didn't because I just wanted to get as far away from her as possible as quickly as I could. I don't even know. I could also point out the fact that these carts are left outside in all weather conditions and are never cleaned unless the customer wipes them down themselves.

I wasn't able to get her name, she conveniently kept her back to me the entire time, otherwise I would have gone to the head manager right then and there and my mom didn't hear any of the rude parts of what were said until I told her when we were outside and I was in tears. The entire incident was blatantly rude and disgusting. I have always held that if a person has a problem with me or something I've done and they feel the need to mention it when I am around they should say it to my face like she obviously wanted. Not right behind me to some other person. What she did was just wrong. And what makes it even sadder is that I love that store. Most of the people there are friendly and considerate. Everyone except for her. And I'd like to say I want to see her fired, but I don't know what her situation in life is. I can only assume from her high and mighty attitude that it's a lot better off than most people.

When I got home James got to hear about what happened when all I wanted to tell him was that his things were down at Layton's. Guess he picked up on me being unhappy over the phone. He got quite incenced by it too, not that I would expect any less.

Now to deal with feeling like I'm going to vomit, my heart going a mile a minute, I'm walking in circles and I can't help but want to eat continually to stave off the periodic tear-fits. I am not going to get over this any time soon.



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Feb. 26th, 2010 08:26 am (UTC)
I actually feel really sorry for her.
Everything she said and did was wrong, and her excuses for why were beyond sad. I've actually been asked to put him in the cart by the managers and other employees when I bring him even before people find out he's a service dog, and if I have to use a cart, I prefer him in it since he's so short.

I plan on going in tomorrow to file an official complaint against her and get her name so I can write to the head offices to inform them that they need better sensitivity training for their employees towards customers and other people with disabilities.

There is no way in HELL I will let her get away with this.
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