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Big bands and old cartoons

I've been watching a lot of old cartoons again. Mostly Mickey Mouse and it's a little funny to me seeing how un-pc they are compared to the overly bland and sterilized crap they have for kids today. Seriously, it's horrible. I hated when tc time came when I worked with Charlene. Watching things on PBS Kids like Curious George, Super Why!, and Jay Jay the Jet Plane. They're seriously pathetic and I would rather have gone outside to play with them, but the girls at least, wanted an excuse for me to sit down so they could mess with my hair. And it's not that I have anything against educational programming, I just have things against programming that is supposed to be educational but just ends up making me feel dumber for having watched it and appears to be mocking the fact that young children don't have the intellectual capacity of older kids.

I think it's also been proven that just plopping a kid down in front of the tv, no matter how educational the programming is, does not actually make your kid smarter.