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1 down

I got rid of Leon's crate today. So happy about that. I almost thought I wasn't going to be able to for multiple reasons. My biggest one was because for some stupid reason 2 of the 3 replies to the ad were sent to my spam folder. Another was because the lady lives so far away, was only going to be up in the area for this afternoon, until 5, and my mom was gone almost all day. She came home briefly at the same time the lady returned my call and was able to iron out all the details with her. Oh, and in the area translated into way south down in Tacoma and Puyallup. That's anywhere from a 20 to 30+ minute drive. But she was really nice and stuck around Puyallup until we could bring it down to her after my mom got done with her last errand. We got there a little after 6, dropped it off with her and back home it was.

So I'm now one down and have one to go.

The weather here has really sucked. While the rest of the country is being pummled with snow, we're getting jack. I seriously feel cheated. It's a steady 50 frigging degrees outside. So warm that it's messing with the plants and the flowers are blooming. It has me really worried about how that's affecting everything. I've also become fully convinced that the planet is on her way out. Not that I wasn't convinced before. Humans have messed everything up so bad it's scary. Bees are dying, fish are dying, bats are dying. Is there anything that isn't dying off? Besides our species. *urk* That totally went somewhere I wasn't planning.

Now shes in purple, now she the turtle. Disintegrating. Christine, the strawberry girl. Christine, banana split lady.

Anyway, got the crate down, now I have to get the guitar and amp gone. And maybe I'll find some other things I want to get rid of too. Who knows.