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One of the ladies who used to come visit me with my former employer, has a heavily autistic son. I've never met him so I really don't know what he's like other than from what she had said. Anyway, she made a comment once about how she sings the things she wants to say to him, to help him understand what exactly it is she is trying to teach him. And it works, he understands and learns. I thought that was sort of weird, I don't think that I would never be able to do that if I was ever given the opportunity to sit him (I'm too monotone) and dismissed it out of my mind.

And I was thinking about it. I have trouble learning and have never been able to figure out what my learning style was. The closest I ever figured was that I needed to have a hands-on approach and experience what was happening. Unfortunately it seems to be hit or miss. So then I'm sitting here listing to Glorious Dawn, again, and thinking about Cosmos and it hits me. I'm understanding more out of the little bit of Glorious Dawn faster than I got out of Cosmos... because it's being done in a musical format! I've seen the same thing with my trying to learn ASL. When I'm watching it in musical format, I get it, whereas watching it with just regular speech, it doesn't seem to click.

Duh. It explains so much!

This is really exciting for me though because now that I know this, maybe I can find more ways to utilize it.