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need to get in the habit of going to bed earlier.
am not normal in any sense of the word.
have a scar on the back of my right wrist.
can't feel anything run up the top of my hand above the scar.
have anorexic elbows which gross me out.
swear these anorexic elbows are not from anorexia.
have an obsessive compulsion over not having any obsessive compulsions.
think my obsessive compulsion is getting worse.
have gotten to disk 3 of Lost Odyssey.
am moving too fast through Lost Odyssey and want to spend 3 hours just leveling.
want to get 'the diagnosis' over with so people will stop saying "no you're not".
am extremely insulted by people who say "no you're not."
didn't know those people who say "no you're not," had a doctorate in that specific medical line.
wish sleeping was easier.