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I wish I had more time

Friday was nice. Went up to the Mercury with Layton, James, Mike, and Chetty. Mike has never been before so it was something new for him. James had wanted to bring him for awhile, and this was the last time he would be able to before Mike leaves to the Marines in February. And he's pretty funny when he's really drunk. While we were there, he said I was adorable, and James and Mike came to an "understanding" of sorts. The sort of understanding that says I can't get married to James until Mike comes back. :) And that's fine (I guess), not like anyone was planning to do that anytime within the next couple years anyway. Anyway! Layton got super drunk and upset that Mike was talking to a girl and felt the need to leave and catch the bus home. Despite that, the night went pretty well. Up until I had a panic attack anyway, and then ended up saying something I don't even remember (my head was going 50 ways at once and for a split second I forgot it wasn't James I was sitting next to and that I was in mike's car) to Chetty which caused a sort of reaction which made me go "oops." And I can gather from the reactions that were had exactly what I said. All thanks to a freaking panic attack. Boy am I screwed up.

But it was a good night and I was glad to be out, so I cannot complain.