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Finley got me 'Silent Hill: Shattered Memories' and oh fuck. :'( I'm so bad and stuck, I'm probably giving myself carpal tunnel. My left wrist hurts like a sonofabitch and I can't breath from the giant panic attack it has given me from frustration. I WANT MY FUCKING COMBAT BACK! Or James to get through my stuck part(s) for me. The goddamn screaming every time I die... makes me want to scream too. I'm also kinda mad at Konami for having cheaped out on the booklet. It's 3 pages and then they tell you to download the rest online. FUCK YOU KONAMI! I expect a cheap black and white booklet in a greatest hits version. Not the new release. When I mentioned to Finley that he get it for me, I was only joking, but I guess he didn't get that (no one ever does). Now I feel bad for saying anything because I was going to wait a month or two to see if it went down in price. Anything over 50 dollars is just too much in my mind. Told him thank you anyway. That's the polite thing to do. It seems to be a good game though... despite the fact that I suck ass. I like it.

Him and his girlfriend are up at Melissa's for the night, and they'll be coming back tomorrow. Oh so happy to have a little more time to myself. He also told me this morning that he's leaving his 360 here when he goes back to Texas. That's pretty neat, means I won't have to buy one for myself; but the reason why, not so neat. Apparently they're sending him over to Afghanistan in January for a year. *sad-face* His ass better not get shot.

And as expected, it is much different watching Lain in English. I'm getting a LOT more out of it this time around than I ever did with the subtitles. Went through the first 2 dvd's last night. Will probably go through the rest tonight.

Oh, James also decided to send me Majora's Mask over the VC. I had guessed as much when I saw the flashing blue light on my Wii. Aaaand when he texted me asking if I had seen the message (it's neat!) and wouldn't tell me if it was from Nintendo or him, well, that pretty much confirmed it. It was very sweet of him to do. I really shouldn't complain when he doesn't listen because no one else ever does. :) I wonder if I can find a [cheapish] guide for it around. I'll need it.