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Another Doctor, another diagnosis.

I think I'm slowly starting to dissolve my routine into not going out anymore. Other than to appointments and to places like the store. It's actually a really sad and painful process for many different reasons which I won't go into. James is not one of them. I've been drowning myself in anything that I can use to stop myself from thinking and to make it easier. Music, games, sleeping... Lots of sleeping. I'm going to be going to bed way earlier than normal tonight. And I don't think it will be a good sleep. Haven't been sleeping well. Too cold, too hot, bad dreams, blah, blah, blah.

Um, what about life... Wednesday I got a speaker for my room from Target. It was only 5 dollars, and for 5 dollars, it's really not bad. It has lights inside you can turn on that react to the music being played and it looks pretty neat; but unfortunately when the light are going it causes the sound to fuzz slightly. Not much, just enough to be annoying. I also had to go out later to buy an adapter for it because it didn't come with one. Yesterday I went to see Carrie for the first time. She thinks I have a sensory disorder and had me take home and fill out a questionnaire. I also went to the Goodwill after we were done and I got a really heavy sweater-coat thingie. It made me bliss. I adore coats, blankets and things with some good weight to them. One of the best things I remember from when I was younger was after the beds were just made. Sheets changed and all that. I loved it because my mom would always make them so that when you got in you could barely move. Most fantastic feeling in the world, swear to god. :) Anyway, it's a nice sweater. The yarn is very soft, dark red and purple colored, fucking huge on me (another thing I love), with glass beads sewn along the border of the sleeves and on the bottom of it. Downside, the way it's knit. Has lots of holes and I hate cold. >.< So I'm only able to wear it with long sleeved shirts.

Today I went to see the chiropractor. I have the most flexible jaw ever. Oh, and nothing anyone says surprises me anymore.

My eyes hurt. They feel like I've been crying, though in fact, I have not. Think it's time to go for the night.